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Welcome to the Greater Badminton Association Of Sydney website!

We are glad that you are visiting us. On this home page we'll introduce our association and the key services and benefits we provide to our members.


  • develop the sport at the grassroot and mainstream levels
  • provide low cost membership and tournament entry fees
  • provide Public Liability and Sports Injury insurance with choice to opt out
  • have a proven Junior Development program which encompasses the schools
  • have in place Junior Awards and Club Contributions
  • conduct torunaments
  • provide discount shuttles and rackets to our members

  • On this site, you'll find details of our activities and benefits along with tournament results and photos of the winners and other activies.

    1 August 2009
    ::: Extra Discounts On Yonex Rackets

    Extra discount is now available on the high end Yonex rackets such as Armotect 900, 800, Arc Saber 10, 9 and Nanospeed 9900, 9000 etc. Please call us on 9451-9687 if you are interested.

    ::: 27 Sept 2009 (A.M.)
    - GBAS School Carnval

    The School Carnival entry forms have been sent to the schools. If your school is interested but have not received them, please call us on 9451-9687 for a copy.

    ::: 27 Sept 09 (P.M.)
    - GBAS Mixed Team Competition

    The 2009 Entry Form for this competition is now available on our website.

    General Information Email: gbaofsydney@yahoo.com.au
    Last modified: 2nd September, 2009